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Family Over Everything (with Sania Khiljee)

Episode 04: Overcoming trauma and learning to thrive.‍After making it through the other side of a traumatic incident, living with borderline personality disorder, and having to physically rehabilitate from burnout, Sania Khiljee decided to make sweeping changes in her life. Forgoing a job in the family business and the potential to make millions, she gave it all up to focus on sharing her life, her recovery, and those closest to her online — and turned it into a booming career. This week, Hamza discusses the nepo baby label, mental health, rejecting hustle culture, and more with this inspiration to hundreds of thousands.

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King of Car Content (with Chad Nasr)

Episode 03: Turning a passion into a multimillion dollar (and follower) business.

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Early Adopter Insight (with Zaid Admani)

Episode 02: A lesson in taking chances from the very beginning. In late 2019, Zaid Admani gave a new app called TikTok a shot. Embracing the format of the time and ignoring any doubts about what others may think, he began creating content — and it propelled him to viral fame. Taking his expertise and integrating it into entertaining short-form videos created an audience hungry to learn more about the world of finance. Tune into today’s episode for a discussion about what’s next in social media, working the algorithms, brand deals, and what the next ten years look like for this one-of-a-kind content creator.

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