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The AI Advantage (with Hamza Ali)

Episode 15: Embracing the unknown to pioneer the new. We’ve heard about artificial intelligence for years, whether it was a concept, a horror movie, or as we’ve seen recently— tools like ChatGPT. The truth is— whether you like it or not— AI is now a part of our everyday lives. From entertainment, to social media and business AI has become a fixture of innovation, and a small peek into the future.

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AI, business

Love, Lessons, and Litigation (with Haseeb Hussain)

Episode 14: Define your own worth.‍Haseeb Hussain, or as you may know him on TikTok, @haseeblegal, sits down with our host, Hamza Ali (@hamzainvests) to discuss his journey in the spotlight. From appearing on Netflix’s reality show— Love Is Blind— to building a legal business on TikTok, Haseeb discusses what exactly it takes to be an entrepreneur. With honest conversations between Haseeb and Hamza, they dive into the people behind their brands. Tune in this week to Immigrant Unfiltered, to discover what it takes to break expectations and create success in unexpected ways.

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entrepreneurship, lawyer, social media

Steel Built Dreams (with Hamza Ali)

From the glittering sands of Dubai to the steel strongholds of the United States, Hamza Ali crossed the ocean to chase more than a dream; he was chasing a legacy. Surviving recessions, pivoting careers, and navigating visas designed to keep him out, Hamza shares his story of strength, perseverance, and the Top G attitude that made him the man he is today. Stepping foot in New York City was only the beginning for a man with dreams as large as his. Listen in for an inspirational tale that is all too often excluded from the conversation.

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real estate, immigration story, entrepreneur

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